Sponsorship Award for Trainee Embalmers

The NFDA USA in collaboration with TOS has provided sponsorship for four embalmers to be trained in Advanced Embalming Techniques. The six-week programme takes place in the United States from March to April 2017, where the beneficiaries will intern with two funeral homes to perfect their skills. This further emphasizes our commitment to delivering excellence in all that we do.


We are proud to announce two new additions to our fleet of cars and hearses. The Mercedes Benz E-Class is a custom-made hearse designed to fit all types and sizes of caskets. Equipped with in-built rollers and a panoramic display window, the E-Class Royal conveys your loved one in dignified style. The Cadillac Escalade is a sturdy and powerfully built SUV with a contemporary look and a charismatic presence. It…