Honoring your love after a death

Birthdays and other special occasions can be difficult for those who have lost a loved one. Facing a day that’s supposed to be filled with love, often, inevitably turns into a day consumed with grief. “Grief is just love with no place to go.” –Jamie Anderson. At our funeral home, we believe that grief and love coincide. Remember, just because your loved one isn’t physically with you doesn’t mean that your love isn’t worthy of being celebrated. With that being said, we have gathered ways to honor your love following a loss.
Cook their favorite meal- Prepare their favorite meal just as they would like it. This incorporates a little bit of them into the evening and honors the food they once enjoyed.
Pick their favorite flowers- Perhaps they loved red roses, or tulips, picking up their favorite flowers and keeping them in a vase around the house will be a sweet, sentimental testament to your loved one.
Have a movie night- If you have children, have a movie night filled with some of your loved one’s favorite movies and enjoy their favorite snack as well. This way you can share the love with those closest to you and take your mind off the potential sadness.
Visit their gravesite- If not too difficult, bring flowers or a letter to your loved one’s grave. Take a moment to sit with them and reflect on the time you two had together. It is okay to be sad, and it is also okay to remember the happy memories you had.
Listen to their favorite music– Maybe you two had a special song you enjoyed together, dedicating a song to them and listening to it is a nostalgic way to honor your loved one and will have you thinking of them and the memories you shared together every time it comes on.